“The separation from the body is not

considered death by the sages.”


Indian saying (around 400 BC)


Welcome to lignotec MassivHolz GmbH,
the Berlin Coffin Manufacturing Firm!

The human body finds its final resting place with the help of those who remain behind on Earth. Family members and friends attend to the funeral and the ceremony that is entailed. The estate has to be administered—intellectually, emotionally and also materially.

Because: A person who has left us not only leaves precious memories and a painful gap behind but also tasks to be fulfilled. The survivors are confronted with these burdens at a time that is one of the most difficult times in life.

The present coffin catalogue of lignotec Massivholz GmbH strives to be supportive: On the one hand, for the customer in an exceptional situation; on the other, for the undertaker in his professional work. The catalogue offers an overview of the broad range of coffins from our Berlin Coffin Manufacturing Firm.

We divided the catalog into four chapters:

Simple & Beautiful
Dignified & Noble
Plain & Antique
Modern & Postmodern

This way, we want to ease the pathway to initial access and facilitate a targeted approach for selecting of a coffin. Each of the four categories in turn puts forward a broadly diversified range of premium coffins, mostly manufactured in Berlin.

The following pictures only represent a sampling of the possible range.
Almost all products can be modified with carving, staining, glazing or the handles from other models. The models presented are available in other types of wood than the ones specified. The various combination possibilities ensure that we fulfill every individual wish.

Your mortician will be happy to advise you.